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  • Thanks for making your way on over here to my blog!

    I am a photographer, wife, mom to the sweetest little boy & dog mama to two perfect rescue dogs who have changed my life! I am someone who will always eat my vegetables first, I could get lost shopping in Homesense for hours, and my sunroof is always open. I like Tim Hortons over Starbucks, poutine over burgers, and Italian food is always my first choice. I am passionate about my clients & their love and documenting them in a sincere way. I wake up humbled and grateful each day that I get to call this my job.

    Maranda xo

The Smitham’s | Family Session

I had the pleasure of connecting with the Smitham family last weekend at Mill Pond Park in Richmond Hill. Sam instantly stole my heart with his long surfer style hair, sweet giggles, and precious smile. Hide and seek & tickles were our best friend & worked like a charm!

Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family! It was wonderful to meet your perfect family of three 🙂

For Luna | Family Session

Every now and then you meet people who spark up something in you. Something you forgot about, something you haven’t seen in a long time, but in this case it was a spark of something I haven’t felt in a long time.

 Coral emailed me a few months back & set up a family photo session with me. Through passing details and in conversation, I discovered that she lived in the home my father grew up in. What are the odds? She shared with me that his initials “KD” were marked in several spaces throughout the basement. If you’re new to browsing my blog, or are unaware, my father passed away 11 years ago from cancer. So hearing any detail’s about my father; even something as simple as this just brings me such joy.

Coral, Rob, & Luna met me early in the morning at a field close to our homes. We caught the sunrise as both Coral & I share a special love for sunrise & sunset light. W spent a fun two hours together capturing who they are as a family, and Luna’s special relationship with both her mom & dad. Coral shared with me that these photos were for Luna. Something for her to look back on in the years to come to remember the love & relationship that she has with her parents. Coral shared with me that she lost her mother to cancer last year, so she deeply understands how important it is to have photo’s of  you with your loved ones.

The evening after I took these photos I called my sister. I told her about how wonderful the session was. We got into the conversation of family photos, and how important the ones that we have with our father are. We also discussed how we had never discovered a photo of the “four of us” – dad, mom, myself & her. After digging, and in speaking with my grandparents, we’ve discovered that there are none.

So to me, I took more from this session than any other i’ve ever done. This session was a reminder to me of just how important family photos are. This is a reminder to all of you as well. When you have passed on, your children & family will be looking for photos of you. Not only photos of you, but photos of you with them. Photos of the special love & joy that you shared together. This is a reminder to all those mommies & daddies hiding behind the camera. Your children want memories of you with them. Stop hiding behind that camera. Come out and get infront of that camera, because photos of you all together are the ones that count the most.

Cheers, xo!

Trevor & Ashley’s Wedding | Sharon, ON

 A family affair held under the stars on a crisp September evening. A DIY wedding full of many expressions of love.

The weather was on our minds all morning, as the rain sputtered and clouds rolled in and out. Briefly before the ceremony began, the sunshine appeared & the weather remained beautiful for the rest of the day. * hallelujah*

Trevor & Ashley were married at her family’s home. It was an absolutely perfect location as being out in the country is what suits them best. The transformation of the grounds was incredible thanks to her family (dad especially as I watched him out cleaning all morning). I spent the morning with the girls, popping in and out of the house to sneak a peek at everything that was being set up outdoors, and listen to Ashley practice on her new Taylor guitar (a gift from Trevor of course). The air felt crisp, and you could smell the dinner being prepared by the caterers.  Trevor hand built the arch that the two were married under from left over wood that remained on Ashley’s family’s home in Fenelon Falls. All of the details & center pieces were made by Ashley,  family & friends.

The reception held so many highlights & expressions of love. Ashley surprised Trevor by performing a song she wrote for him in front of her family & friends (there were quite a few teary eyed guests)!  Ashley’s parent’s surprised her and Trevor with a honeymoon to Jamaica; their reaction was absolutely priceless.  As you watched the two interact all day, how they looked at one another, how they smiled at one another, and listened to speeches that they had written for one another; you just couldn’t help but feel like they were meant to be. Like two peas in a pod.

Congratulations to you both, on your beautiful day & on your new home!!  I am so thrilled to have been a part of your day!

Cheers, xo!

Andrew & Jenna’s Wedding | Kitchener, ON

Andrew & Jenna.

They are our “guaranteed a good time friends”, and that theme continued on into their wedding. Andrew & Jenna are such wonderful people, and my other half (Chad) and I were so happy when they asked us to be a part of their big day. Chad and Andrew studied Respiratory Therapy together at Algonquin College in Ottawa, and have remained very close friends since graduation. Jenna and I connected pretty quickly, and soon after labelled ourselves as Italian Sisters. Chad and I were so happy when they moved down to Kitchener because it is much closer to our home & we are able to spend time together pretty frequently. Chad was asked to become a groomsman, and over a few drinks last fall (a common occurrence when we get together, lol) I was asked to be their photographer. We’re one big happy family; really!

Where do I begin in talking about how beautiful this day was? It was one of those weddings that just went off without a hitch. The morning spent with the girls at the salon was just perfect. Taking “deep breath” moments with Jenna to calm her anxiety. Having Nikki (the most incredible maid of honor I’ve met yet) alongside to help out with anything. Andrews teary star struck eyes (photo proof to follow) as he saw Jenna walk down the aisle. The opportunity to have three hours of photo time spent at three incredible locations (take note future brides)! Decor that could knock your socks off. Food that we are STILL talking about, and lastly a ton of priceless dance floor moments.

What a day.

 I would have to say that the nearly five year engagement was fully & completely worth it if you’re guaranteed a wedding as beautiful as this one was. Love you both so much & am so happy to have been a small fragment of such an incredible day.

Cheers, xo!



Hayley - September 30, 2012 - 3:43 pm

Wow, Miranda. These look truly awesome. Really nicely done.

Messina Family | Maternity Progression

Daniella was one of my brides back in 2009. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to build a connection with a couple & continue to photograph big & exciting moments in their lives. She had approached me earlier this year, briefly after she announced her pregnancy to inquire about my maternity sessions. She had seen a photo studio offer a maternity progression series and had asked whether I would be interested & up to the task. I happily obliged!

Every month (from month 5 to full term) I met up with Daniella to take a simple image of her progression. It was so amazing to be able to catch up with her every month to see how much her stomach had grown.

In july sweet little Charlotte made her appearance in the world. I recently caught up with their family to capture the last image of the series; her holding her sweet baby girl. We ended it off with a brief mini family session.