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  • Thanks for making your way on over here to my blog!

    I am a photographer, wife, mom to the sweetest little boy & dog mama to two perfect rescue dogs who have changed my life! I am someone who will always eat my vegetables first, I could get lost shopping in Homesense for hours, and my sunroof is always open. I like Tim Hortons over Starbucks, poutine over burgers, and Italian food is always my first choice. I am passionate about my clients & their love and documenting them in a sincere way. I wake up humbled and grateful each day that I get to call this my job.

    Maranda xo

Flash Drives

 I’m beyond excited to share this blog post with you all! I’ve made lots of big changes to my business this year; and I can now introduce you to another of those changes. My new custom Flash drives.  Don’t get my wrong, DVDs are still great and I will continue to produce custom DVD’s for my clients for family sessions & photos of that sort. However, I wanted to upgrade my wedding clients. I’ve been considering the switch for a while now but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I am extremely picky  meticulous when it comes to products, and if it doesn’t jump off the page and scream “MARANDA, THIS IS IT” than I won’t make the jump. About a month ago while blog browsing, I stumbled upon a post of a lovely photographer from Virginia who had just had custom Flash Drives made.  This time, the product screamed at me and I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.

FlashBayis the wonderful genius behind these flash drives. Hands down, they have been the easiest, fastest, & best communicator’s that I have dealt with. I worked with an incredible guy named Ramone who helped me finalize the design after one day of emails. Fast forward 5 days later, and the UPS man showed up at the door step with my box.

I went with a simple twist design, which still allowed me to customize them by having my logo engraved on the metal portion of the front and back of each drive. To top it off, I added the most adorable custom tins with my logo on the front.

I am so glad that I am now able to present my amazing bride & grooms with something that they will keep forever. There are definitely cheaper routes out there; but cheap isn’t exactly the way I want to be remembered. Hopefully one of these will be showing up on your door step soon!

Cheers, xo!



Farewell Summer

As per our tradition, the ending of summer always includes a photo date with my sister. Usually, we will head out multiple times while she is home from her studies, but summer 2012 has just flown right on by. I’ve been hibernating in our new home (which has consumed our entire summer with renovations & settling in) and only shooting for work. Spending a matter of an hour out shooting for fun was just what the doctor ordered. My sister has got that magical power to bring me right back down to earth & feel balanced.  I’m so very grateful to have the incredible sister relationship that we have. These photo’s only share an ounce of her beauty.

Cheers, xo

Sean & Krystal’s Wedding | Caledon, ON

Sean & Krystal’s wedding was held at the beautiful Tralee Wedding Facility in Caledon, on one hot scorcher of a day.

You may recognize them from their previous engagement session which can be seen here.  I met up with Krystal & her bridesmaids in the morning at her parents beautiful home. I had such a wonderful time & instantly felt welcomed in their home, but you see, that’s just the kind of person Krystal is. Kind, caring, & very compassionate towards her family & friends. Sean & Krystal are another set of my clients who are high school sweethearts, and I don’t know if it’s the many years of their life that they have spent together, or the huge anticipation of their wedding day finally arriving, but I always feel something so magical and warm when I photograph high school sweetheart’s weddings.

What will I remember from this wedding? The biggest smiles plastered all over Sean & Krystal’s faces all day long, the funniest bride & groom speech that i’ve ever heard, the most unique way to get the couple to kiss by having a mini putt station, & the best vegetarian meal & nut free dessert i’ve ever tasted. But beyond all this, the one thing I will remember above all is the love and joy that was very clearly felt from all of the family & friends who support Sean & Krystal.

This wedding was such an absolute pleasure to photograph & can’t help but feel blessed to have been a small part of such a beautiful day.  Wishing you both nothing but the best as you start your married life together.

Cheers, xo!