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  • Hi, hello I am thankful you're here.

    I am a photographer, wife, boy mom to two littles & dog mama to two perfect rescue pups. I am someone who will always eat my vegetables first, I could get lost shopping in Homesense for hours, and my sunroof is always open. I like Tim Hortons over Starbucks, poutine over burgers, and Italian food is always my first choice. I am passionate about my clients & their love and documenting them in a sincere way. I wake up humbled and grateful each day that I get to call this my job.

    Maranda xo

Guyer/Giffen Family

Family photo sessions are just my favourite! Especially ones with a big bunch of members! There is something to be said about running a happy & successful blended family; & these guys have it nailed down.

The other week I had the opportunity to go and take some photo’s of little Mr Colton & the family.
Colton gave me just what I want from him; his big blues and his subtle stare.

Dano & Lucy’s Wedding | Mississauga, ON


13 years in the making for these two.  

Every wedding that I photograph is so special. People put their faith in me to capture the story of their big day. This wedding meant all that & so much more. For the last two years I have been lucky to be able to get to know Lucy & have worked side by side with her at the school we both work at. She is a coworker; but so much more than that to me as I consider her to be a very close friend. For the last two years we have gotten together on our lunches & have chatted about the detail’s of their big day. I have watched her put sweat & tears into the planning of this wedding & it was incredible to see it all come into fruition.
  Lucy had an undeniable glow to her all day. Both her & Dano’s smiles brought such joy to my heart as they saw each other for the first time. Everyone in attendance saw how ready they were to become each others Mr & Mrs.
From the unbelievable meal, to the dancing, to the speeches, to the entertainment, to the abundance of delicious italian food (I HAD to mention the food twice), to the details … wow! But overall the most memorable out of it all for me was the love that everyone had for these two & how overjoyed everyone was for them.
Not enough words to express my gratitude to you both. Not enough words to express the joy I have to see you two both so in love with one another. And not enough words to express how excited I am to watch the two of you grow & move forward in your marraige. Have an incredible time on your honeymoon to Panama!



time for something new …

Welcome to my NEW BLOG! Ah, that feels so good. New, new, new. It’s been on my mind for a while to upgrade my blog .. Okay .. a long while. But sometimes a girl just needs time to maul over every single blog option; and that is exactly what I did.  Blogger has been good to me for the last few years, but it wasn’t giving me the ability to personalize it how I wanted to. So goodbye old & hello new!

Lori Padgett - April 16, 2012 - 2:32 am

Your photography is absolutely stunning, Maranda! You have a natural ability to capture the spirit of human nature and your photos speak with such strong emotion. Looking at the photos of the wedding made me smile – I could feel the joy as though I were part of the event. Simply amazing!