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The Larmer Family | Newmarket Family Photographer

I’ve known them since I was 7 when we moved to a new home. A few years later their family began to grow when Jennifer was born, and again only a few years later when the twins arrived. I babysat the kids for four summers in a row (I could write an entire blog entry alone on the hilarious adventures those were)! My family helped their family while they were building an addition on their home, I photographed Jennifer’s prom, ¬†and next year they will all be attending my wedding (and surely will be breaking out some moves on the dance floor). This family reminds me of home – friendship, support, laughter, kind, genuine. They are absolutely amazing people who I am so proud to know.

Enjoy your preview of photo’s you guys!

Cheers, xo.

newmarket family photographer-7295

newmarket family photographer-7296-1

newmarket family photographer-7323

newmarket family photographer-7332

newmarket family photographer-7336-1

newmarket family photographer-7351-1

newmarket family photographer-7373

newmarket family photographer-7379

newmarket family photographer-7383

newmarket family photographer-7393

newmarket family photographer-7417

newmarket family photographer-7465-1

newmarket family photographer-7471


newmarket family photographer-7473-1



Unfortunately, Jake recently suffered a painful accident when he cut off a part of his thumb (holy cow, right)?! What I love about these guys is that in the worst of times, they find humor in it all. The photo below just about sums up how awesome they are.

newmarket family photographer-7474 -1

newmarket family photographer-7474 -2

newmarket family photographer-7474 -3

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