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Tyler & Krista’s Wedding at The Manor | Kettleby Wedding Photographer

The first wedding of 2016 – and what a celebration it was! Tyeler and Krista got married at the beautiful Manor in Kettleby. The last time I had been there before their wedding was when I was celebrating my prom in 2005, so it was fun to revisit the venue and see all the beautiful updates it has gone through.

The two celebrated a beautiful wedding day, sharing in emotional vows and a heartfelt ceremony lead by Ty’s grandfather. The energy between the two was undeniable, and my heart fluttered each time they two would exchange a look to each other while infront of my lens.

Venue: The Manor

Gown: Madison James

Grooms Attire:  Vera Wang

Florals:  Flowers N’ Things Flowers & Gift Shop

Dj:  Michael Roberts – DJ Mastermix

Bridesmaids:  Bill Levkoff

Cake: Cakes By Beatriz

Makeup: Shannon Spence & Lori Sasaki

Hair:  Tangles Hair Salon

Invitations: Paper and Pearls

Videography: Hasahn from Fisherfotographic

Officiant: Rev Carmen

TheManorWeddingKettleby (48)TheManorWeddingKettleby (1)TheManorWeddingKettleby (2)TheManorWeddingKettleby (3)TheManorWeddingKettleby (4)TheManorWeddingKettleby (5)TheManorWeddingKettleby (6)TheManorWeddingKettleby (7)TheManorWeddingKettleby (8)TheManorWeddingKettleby (9)TheManorWeddingKettleby (15)TheManorWeddingKettleby (16)TheManorWeddingKettleby (10)TheManorWeddingKettleby (11)TheManorWeddingKettleby (12)TheManorWeddingKettleby (13)TheManorWeddingKettleby (14)TheManorWeddingKettleby (17)TheManorWeddingKettleby (18)TheManorWeddingKettleby (19)

The manor’s bridal suite’s are so lovely and allow for such beautiful natural light to flow into the room. TheManorWeddingKettleby (20)TheManorWeddingKettleby (21)TheManorWeddingKettleby (22)

TheManorWeddingKettleby (23)

The opted for a first look and a reveal. I’ll never stop saying it – this is ALWAYS my most favourite part of the day. No distractions, no onlookers, just the two of them sharing in a genuine moment that neither will forget. TheManorWeddingKettleby (24)TheManorWeddingKettleby (25)TheManorWeddingKettleby (26)

What a bridal party it was! 15 of their best friends and family stood with them as they exchanged vows. TheManorWeddingKettleby (27)TheManorWeddingKettleby (28)TheManorWeddingKettleby (29)TheManorWeddingKettleby (30)TheManorWeddingKettleby (31)TheManorWeddingKettleby (32)TheManorWeddingKettleby (33)TheManorWeddingKettleby (34)TheManorWeddingKettleby (35)TheManorWeddingKettleby (36)TheManorWeddingKettleby (37)TheManorWeddingKettleby (38)TheManorWeddingKettleby (39)TheManorWeddingKettleby (40)

Krista’s dress had such beautiful beading throughout and would sparkle each time the light caught it.
TheManorWeddingKettleby (41)
TheManorWeddingKettleby (42)TheManorWeddingKettleby (43)TheManorWeddingKettleby (44)TheManorWeddingKettleby (45)TheManorWeddingKettleby (46)TheManorWeddingKettleby (47)TheManorWeddingKettleby (49)TheManorWeddingKettleby (50)TheManorWeddingKettleby (51)TheManorWeddingKettleby (52)TheManorWeddingKettleby (53)TheManorWeddingKettleby (54)TheManorWeddingKettleby (55)TheManorWeddingKettleby (56)TheManorWeddingKettleby (57)TheManorWeddingKettleby (58)TheManorWeddingKettleby (59)TheManorWeddingKettleby (60)TheManorWeddingKettleby (62)TheManorWeddingKettleby (61)TheManorWeddingKettleby (63)TheManorWeddingKettleby (64)TheManorWeddingKettleby (65)TheManorWeddingKettleby (66)TheManorWeddingKettleby (67)TheManorWeddingKettleby (68)TheManorWeddingKettleby (69)TheManorWeddingKettleby (70)TheManorWeddingKettleby (71)TheManorWeddingKettleby (72)

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